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Why Laser Hair Removal Is Good For The Environment

Why Laser Hair Removal Is Good for the Environment

Removing hair from your body and face can seem like a constant struggle. Unfortunately, there’s an even more serious problem to consider. Most of the ways people get rid of unwanted hair harm the environment. And, many of the options for removing hair are ineffective or unpleasant besides. Here’s how shaving impacts the environment and how laser hair removal solves the problem.

Environmental Impact of Disposable Razors

Disposable razors go into landfills at an alarming rate. EPA data once showed that about 2 billion disposable razors are discarded each year. However, USA Today reports that that figure dates back to the EPA’s 1990 Environmental Consumer’s Handbook. There’s very little chance that the figure hasn’t increased dramatically since then. And, chances are, almost all of those 2 billion-plus disposable razors will end up in landfills. That is, unless they make it to the oceans. Either way, they’re harming our planet. They contain both plastic and metal, and there aren’t any programs for recycling them.

There are other factors to think about with disposable razors, too. Manufacturing them creates waste, pollution, and puts even more plastic into the ecosystem. Then, there’s the packaging. Putting them out on shelves without being sealed in some way would be unsanitary. So, they’re wrapped up in more plastic that also makes its way to the landfill.

Not only are disposable razors wasteful and environmentally unfriendly, but they don’t even do the job very well. It’s very hard to get a good, close shave with a cheap razor. And, by the way, each individual razor might not cost very much, but over the course of a year, the cost adds up fast. After all, you have to keep replacing them over and over.

Assessing the Alternative Shaving Methods

So, shaving with a disposable razor is environmentally irresponsible, not very effective, and not as expensive as you might have thought. You still have to deal with the issue of face and body hair somehow. Here’s a look at alternative shaving methods.

Electric Shavers

Getting an electric shaver would eliminate the need to throw away disposable razors every couple of weeks. So, it’s a good choice, right? Actually, electric razors aren’t as good a deal for the environment as you might think. Sure, you don’t have to throw them away as often, but they still end up in the landfill eventually. Most electric shavers are designed to last only about a year. They still contain significant amounts of plastic that will never be recycled. They also have batteries that, face it, often go out in the trash. And, the batteries don’t just add volume to the landfill. They also contribute toxic substances that leach out and pollute the water supply.

Straight Razors

Straight razors don’t have a huge environmental impact. They last a very long time, and many of them don’t have any plastic parts. But they aren’t easy to use. In fact, it would be nearly impossible to shave underarm or legs with them. They may give a close shave for your face, but it’s also easier to cut yourself with them.

Razors Made from Recycled Materials

You can buy disposable razors that are made from recycled plastic. Great idea, right? It reduces the amount of plastic that’s produced. The problem is that they wear out just as fast as new-material disposables and can’t be recycled after use, either. It’s a little better than disposable razors made of new materials, but not much.

Reusable Razors

Reusable razors fall somewhere between purely disposable razors and straight razors when it comes to environmental harm. Like straight razors, you can use them longer than a disposable razor. That’s especially true if you take the time to sharpen the blades rather than just pitching them the first time they get dull. However, even if you do that, you’ll still end up throwing the razor out eventually, blades, plastic, and all.

Not Removing Unwanted Hair at All

Okay, so if all these shaving options have their problems, maybe you just shouldn’t shave, right? If you’re a guy, you might look good with a beard. If you’re a female, you could start a new trend with hairy legs and armpits. But is that what you really want? Most people want to get rid of excess hair. They feel cleaner and more well-groomed when they have their facial and body hair under control. Unless you want to take a back-to-nature approach with your appearance, giving up all hair removal types is probably not in your future.

What about Aerosol Shaving Cream?

Aerosol shaving cream is a tricky environmental issue for many people. They assume that since the old-style aerosols with CFCs became a thing of the past, the new aerosols are perfectly safe for the environment. So, you might think you aren’t damaging the environment by using them. Unfortunately, you would be wrong. Scientific American reports that modern CFC-free aerosol shaving creams give off VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, that can increase ozone at the ground level and contribute to smog. Besides all that, when you’re finished with your shaving cream or gel, you still have to throw away the can, adding more to the world’s ever-growing waste pile.

Safety Issues

Shaving does have harmful effects on the environment. It also comes with risks for your safety. It’s very easy to cut yourself while shaving. Straight razors are hard to use if you aren’t familiar with them, and you’ll probably cut yourself several times before you get the hang of it. If your disposable razor falls off the side of your tub and onto the floor, you could step on it and cut your foot. Plus, any time you cut yourself with something you’ve used to remove hair, you stand a significant chance of getting an infection. Electric shavers can cause skin irritations, too. They can also shock you if you don’t use them according to manufacturer’s directions.

Why Laser Hair Removal Is the Better Option

Wow! There sure are a lot of problems that come with shaving! If you aren’t prepared to sport a hairy face and body, what are you supposed to do? The best answer for you may just be laser hair removal. It has several advantages over all the other alternatives.

Eliminate All That Plastic Waste

The biggest environmental problem with shaving is throwing things away. That includes disposable razors, electric shavers, blades, and shaving product cans. With laser hair removal, all of that waste is eliminated. The laser equipment lasts a very long time and can be used for an incredible number of people over the course of many years. And, when it’s reached the end of its usefulness, it can be recycled.

Permanent Hair Removal

Every other kind of hair removal option requires you to repeat the process over and over. And, each time you do shave, your shaver or razor gets closer to being dumped in a landfill. Not so with laser hair removal. After a few treatments, you can go for many years without ever needing another. You don’t even have to think about shaving again for the rest of your life.

Safe Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is extremely safe when performed by a skilled and certified laser technician. No blades are used, so you won’t get cut. When done correctly by a laser hair removal expert, it’s not going to burn you or give you an infection, either.

Extremely Effective

When your laser hair removal specialist removes the unwanted hair, they get rid of all the hairs by the time the process is complete. You won’t have to face embarrassing situations like showing up at the beach and having someone point out that you missed a long leg hair. The laser hair removal treatment not only removes the hair very effectively, but it can also improve many skin conditions.

How to Get Started with Laser Hair Removal

Are you ready to do your part to help save the environment? You can make a significant contribution to the health of the planet by ending your reliance on razors, shavers, and shaving creams and gels. Choosing laser hair removal makes more sense than ever at this time of environmental crisis.

If you’re ready to learn more about this beneficial method of removing hair, contact us at Nil Hairro. We provide you with a personal consultation to explore how this service can dramatically improve your life as a unique individual. We work with you to create a treatment plan so that you can enjoy the freedom of never having to shave again. We’re also happy to tell you more about how this process protects the environment. At the end of your treatment, your skin will be softer and smoother, too. You’ll save the continuous cost of buying shaving tools and products, and you’ll cut down grooming time as well. At the end of the day, laser hair removal makes more sense than any other shaving method. And that’s true both in the sense of environmental impact and personal comfort and convenience.



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