Nil Hairro - Everything You're Looking for in Laser Hair Removal

At Nil Hairro, our goal is to provide you the very best in laser hair removal in Kitchener and Hamilton. From the moment we meet you through the end of your treatments, we want you to feel safe, comfortable, and satisfied with our services. We start with a free consultation where we map out your treatment and answer any questions you have about the process. Our highly skilled team members focus on quality, safety, affordability, and convenience.


Anyone who seeks hair removal services wants treatments that do what they are supposed to do. Our combination of advanced technology and highly-trained Certified Laser Specialists ensures that you get the most effective laser hair removal possible.


Safety is an important part of our laser hair removal services. Our Certified Laser Specialists take every precaution to protect your well being. If you have any questions or concerns, you can speak with the local Medical Directors who oversee each of our locations.


We keep our services affordable to fit within your budget. Your technician can tell you about our reasonably-priced packages for both female and male laser hair removal. Our financing options make budget planning even easier.


Convenience can make a significant difference in whether you follow through to the end of your treatments. Even if you do complete the process, wasting time could interfere with your life. Besides, it is extremely irritating. That is why we get our clients in and out of each treatment as quickly as possible and back to doing other important things.




Our Laser Hair Removal Technology

We provide laser hair removal in Hamilton and Kitchener using the most advanced and effective technology. The laser we use for hair removal is the Primelase HR, a cutting-edge diode laser hair removal system. It's three different wavelengths provide many benefits that were not available with old lasers.

Quicker Process

Permanent hair removal happens much faster with our Primelase HR technology. You will need fewer treatments to complete the process than you would with traditional lasers. The Primelase HR is a powerful laser system that can deliver ultra-short pulses, a feature that makes those last treatments to remove residual hair much easier.

Improved Skin Quality

Our laser not only removes hair but can also improve your skin quality. It safely removes cystic hair and improves folliculitis and carbuncles. When your treatments are over, your skin is smooth and beautiful.

Treats All Skin Types

Older hair removal lasers only worked well on light skin with dark hair. Now, with this latest technological advance, hair can be removed effectively not only from pale skin, but also from tanned skin and dark skin. Because this laser offers three different wavelengths, your knowledgeable technician can choose the setting that is perfect for your skin.